“We’re Ready For That Fight”

In February Governor Eric Greitens and the Missouri state legislature succeeded in getting Right to Work passed and signed into law. Fox News’ Neil Cavuto called it then: Unions are going to fight to overturn it. But as the governor told Neil, Missourians will not back down to union bosses!

Governor Eric Greitens Interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, February 8, 2017
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“Our job and our mission that the people of Missouri sent us to accomplish was more jobs and stronger paychecks for the people of Missouri. And we signed Right to Work because it’s very clear that it leads to more jobs…The union bosses are going to fight us on this. They spent millions of dollars against me…but the fact is, we’re happy to take on this fight because we were sent by the people of Missouri to get more jobs and higher pay.”

“We won’t just take on the union bosses. We’re ready to take on trial lawyers and lobbyists and career politicians and the special interest insiders. Anybody who stands between us and our mission of getting more jobs and higher pay for the people of the state of Missouri: We’re ready for that fight.

“The facts are just so clear. Look, over the course of the past 25 years, job growth in Right to Work states has been twice as high as in non-Right to Work states. Before Missouri signed Right to Work, there were 27 other states that were Right to Work states. In Right to Work states, people are earning more on average than they were in Missouri. The facts are just so clear that this is going to lead to more jobs and higher pay for the people of Missouri. We look at our Midwestern neighbors. We look at Indiana, we look at Michigan, both of which signed Right to Work. They have been leading the country in new factory job growth. Our mission has been very clear and we’re happy to make that case to the people of Missouri.”

The governor is 100% correct. Right to Work empowers Missouri workers and is good for our state’s economy. Unions want to fight that progress and freedom in order to protect their political agenda and special interests.

If unions want to fight against Missouri workers: We are ready for that fight!
We are ready to #defendRTW!

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