Union Lies Won’t Fool MO Voters

Big Labor has tried every trick in the book to stop Right to Work laws around the country. Now they are coming for Missouri.  We Are MO is a progressive organization committed to helping union bosses obstruct the Right to Work law in the Show-Me State. Taking a page right out of Big Labor’s playbook, they recently posted a video that is filled with lies about the worker freedom law. They want to scare Missouri voters into signing their anti-worker petition. They must not know that Missouri voters are smarter than that.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

UNION LIE: Out of State CEOs want to gut worker protections in Missouri.
FACT: Right to Work does not change current law. It does not end collective bargaining. The right to form a union and bargain collectively is protected by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935. Right to Work simply empowers workers by giving them the freedom to choose to join a union and pay union dues. (1)

UNION LIE: Right to Work leads to lower wages.
FACT: Wages are actually higher in Right to Work states than non-RTW states. (2)

UNION LIE: Right to Work leads to higher poverty.
FACT: Right to Work states experience faster job growth than non-RTW states. (3)

UNION LIE: There is a greater risk of workplace death in Right to Work states.
FACT: Right to Work does not change workplace safety standards. These have been protected by federal law for decades! Right to Work does not hinder anyone from doing their job safely. It does hinder union bosses’ control over employees which is why they spread this vicious lie. (4)

Clearly union bosses and their progressive friends like We Are MO are desperate because they know Missourians support the Right to Work law. They know Missourians elected a pro-Right to Work governor and legislature because they want Missouri to be the 28th Right to Work state. They are desperately trying to hold on to power and control over employees and their paychecks.

Tell Big Labor and We Are MO you stand with Missouri workers and do not buy their smear campaign.

Keep fighting to #defendRTW!

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(2) Jarrett Skorup, “Income Growth In Right-to-Work States Significantly Higher,” Michigan Capitol Confidence, June 5, 2014, https://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/income-growth-in-right-to-work-states-higher. 
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Image Source: Reactiongifs.us

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