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President Pro Tem of the Missouri State Senate, Ron Richard, is one of the leaders in the fight to #defendRTW. Read his recent Letter to the Editor explaining why Right to Work is best for Missouri workers.

In July 28th’s Kansas City Star:

Right to work is pro-worker, not anti-union. If a union is serving its members, it has nothing to fear from this new law. Workers should not be forced to join a union and have money taken from their paychecks if they feel the union is not accountable to its local members.

Unions are trying to mislead Missouri voters about right to work and stop this worker-freedom law from taking effect with a new petition drive. Union bosses don’t like right to work because it requires accountability to local members.

Many union members tell me they’re frustrated that the dues they pay to the union are used to help prop up a candidate or the liberal issue of the day even if they don’t support that candidate or cause. They want their union to be there for them, not doing the bidding of national labor leaders.

Missourians supported right to work when they supported a pro-right-to-work legislature and governor. Missouri’s business climate is already improving thanks to passage of pro-growth initiatives such as right to work. In fact, Missouri jumped nine spots in CNBC’s “Best States for Business” from 2016 to 2017. Now we must defend the policy.

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Thank you for all you do to fight for Missouri workers, Sen. Richard!

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